Resitu: minimally invasive surgical technology

Innovative solution for improved breast biopsy

Resitu Medical is developing a minimally invasive, single-use, ultrasound guided device that uses diathermy to extract intact tissue sample with minimal bleeding. 

Potential health economic benefits

The instrument will be easy to use and, by providing the entire lesion for analysis, will result in reduced need for re-sampling and revisits for the patient. It connects to standard diathermy equipment and vacuum is created in the tube, avoiding initial investment in vacuum generating floor units and at the same time saving space in the clinic. The method requires only local anaesthesia, which means time and cost savings for the clinic and could reduce complications as well as anxiety for the patient. The minimally invasive method could be performed in an out-patient setting and risks for post operative care are reduced. The Resitu technology has the potential to shorten the process of breast cancer management substantially by removing the need for open surgery altogether.

Provides large tissue samples

Reducing risks for ambiguous tissue analysis or incorrect result. Large tissue samples also ensure that multiple analyses, including tumour typing and sequencing can be done.


The Resitu instrument is intended to be used by surgeons and radiologists.

  • Can be used in an out-patient setting since no open surgery is required
  • Quick procedure with minimized risk for re-visits 
  • Local anaesthesia only
  • Removes large intact tissue samples with preserved structure
  • Single-use
  • Ultrasound guided
  • Connects to standard diathermy equipment
  • Time and cost savings

Large intact tissue samples allows for:

  • Minimizing risk for ambiguous results
  • Enough sample material for additional analyses, including tumour typing and sequencing

Patient value:

  • Potentially reducing hospitals visits, time to diagnosis and treatment, less risk for complications
  • Less invasive intervention

Value for Clinics:

  • Cost and time savings
  • More efficient patient flow
  • Potential to treat more patients in shorter time
  • Potentially less need for postoperative complication management

Unique feature

Large intact tissue samples enable histopathological examination with reduced risk for ambiguous results and a potential for complete tumour removal.


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