Resitu: minimally invasive surgical technology

Revolutionary devices for safe removal of lesions

Resitu Medical is a Swedish company that develops instruments intended for safe removal of intact lesions without open surgery. This revolutionary technology offers the potential to create a paradigm shift in breast cancer management.

For faster, safer breast cancer management

Resitu's minimally invasive technology aims to speed up the process of breast cancer management and expedite the way radiologists and surgeons work.

Committed to improving surgical intervention

Resitu Medical was founded in 2019 based on an invention by Dr Per Hedén. In his surgical practice, Dr Hedén, identified a need to remove large intact tissue samples. Dr Per Hedén-“ This minimally invasive platform of devices will in my opinion offer completely new solutions to surgeons in offering patients the best possible care. This will be an important new addition to surgeons and radiologists’ tool-box. So many areas can potentially benefit from this new way of addressing removal of intact lesions, among them are breast cancer and ADD”