Resitu: minimally invasive surgical technology


Resitu Medical is developing instruments for safe removal of large intact tissue samples. Our first product in development is intended to provide breast tissue samples for diagnostic analysis of imaged abnormalities.

The minimally invasive single-use, ultrasound guided device uses diathermy to extract tissue samples with minimal bleeding. It aims to extract the complete lesion without open surgery to provide optimal samples for histopathological examination, reducing the risk for ambiguous tissue analysis or incorrect result.

Guided by ultrasound, the doctor places the tip of the instrument at the site of the lesion. Simply pulling back the handle creates a vacuum that allows the entire lesion to enter the tube.

The instrument is pushed gently into the breast and the diathermic electrode is pushed forward with the slider on the handle. Rotating the handle severs the lesion from the surrounding area and the intact lesion is sent to histopathology for analysis.

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This revolutionary technology has potential to create a paradigm shift in breast cancer management, by shortening the process and ultimately fuse the diagnostic procedure with the removal of an intact lesion. That way, we could avoid overtreatment, enhance patient experience and mitigate burden for the healthcare system.