Resitu: minimally invasive surgical technology

Resitu biopsy device for breast lesions

Resitu's first product in development is an electrosurgical instrument intended to provide breast tissue samples for diagnostic analysis of imaged abnormalities.

The instrument is a sterile, single-use device intended for use by radiologists and surgeons.

Large biopsies with preserved structure

The device will extract larger tissue specimens than any other instrument, including core needle biopsy and vacuum assisted biopsy needles, extracting tissues of 9 x 30 mm in size, intact with preserved structure.

Minimal tissue damage from unique combination of vacuum and electrosurgery

  • Blunt dissection reduces risks of tissue damage and bleeding
  • Electrosurgical capability enables fine cuts and immediate coagulation

Prevention of lesion development

  • The immediate coagulation prevents further nutrition to the lesion.
  • Complete encapsulation of the lesion to prevent seeding 
  • Removal of lesion at first visit saves time and prevents further lesion growth 

Preparing for launch

Preclinical studies are ongoing to prepare for FDA clearance and CE marking of the first instrument. Want to get more information?